Friday Friday!

That Friday Feeling!

UPDATE 18.03.2018: The Saturday night concert is full. Choirs registering from today will be invited to perform at the Friday night concert only. 

As those who have been to Street Choirs before can attest, the Saturday ‘back-to-back’choir concert can seem overwhelmingly long and sometimes onerous. Therefore, in response to feedback from previous Festivals, , we are trying a new system this year – namely having two choir concerts instead of just one on Saturday. Continue reading “Friday Friday!”

Choir Registration is Open!

Happy New Year, singing friends!

We hope you have had a wonderful winter break and are raring to go with a song-filled 2018!

Hullabaloo Community Quire is delighted and excited to be hosting Street Choirs Festival 2018, which takes place from Friday 29th June – Sunday 1st July in Brighton.

Continue reading “Choir Registration is Open!”

ChoirFest 2008!

As the programming for the 2018 festival gathers pace we’ve been looking back at the event we hosted nearly ten years ago – ChoirFest Brighton 2008.Front sheet of the 2008 Brighton SCF brochure.

As far as any of us can remember it was a fine event. A particular highlight being the late night Hokey Cokey in The Dome foyer bar!

We’ve been plundering the 2008 brochure to help us remember what happened and to explain to new Hulla member the joys of the event – Where did the busking take place? Massed sing on the seafront? Did the volunteers really wear orange?

Here is the front page of that very brochure. Thanks to Audrey for keeping it in such pristine condition!

Do you have a brochure front page to share? #streetchoirs



Hulla is Heading North!

Hullabaloo Community Quire is getting ready to head north for the 2017 Street Choirs Festival 2017 in Kendal. About a third of the choir is making the trip north to take part. The Festival is always a popular fixture in the Hullabaloo diary, and we enjoy meeting up with our street choir friends and hearing all the other brilliant choirs.

Work on the 2018 festival continues. The advance committee for the 2018 Festival has already been looking at venues for the festival in Brighton, scoping busking spots and accommodation options, and building funding bids!

We will be updating the website with more info about the festival when it becomes available. In the meantime, choir reps are welcome to get in touch using the contact form on the contact page.

The Work has Begun!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

The first meetings have taken place and we have started gathering information and ideas to create the 2018 Street Choirs Festival in Brighton. Members of Hullabaloo Community Quire are working on budget planning and fundraising, website design, locations and accommodation ideas.