POST FEST BLOG FROM KIRSTY…it ain’t over ’til it’s over!

…and it ain’t over (to quote Seize the Day) until all oppression is dead!

Happy Wednesday, Choral Comrades.

I have been in a bit of a retreat these last couple of days; processing, resting and remembering the weekend, but am now slowly coming back to earth/ life / my senses as I realise that… It Really Happened! And it was (literally) awesome! Thank you so much for making the pilgrimage South and bringing your positivity and passion to make Street Choirs 2018 so wonderful.

I want to give a really special shout out and thank you so much to the dedication of the steering group and crew volunteers who have worked for the last 18 months to create such a great festival experience for everyone. I got so many compliments about the organisation of the festival over the weekend, to which I mostly replied something along the lines of ‘monkey and organ grinder!’ ‘Tis true – I dread to think what would have happened if it had been down to me to organise…! This festival, quite simply, was a success because of these wonderful people.

Sure – some things went in an… unplanned direction! (Arriving at the sea front and being the only MD out of 5 was an interesting moment) – the busking started later than we had planned and we lost a few stewards along the way, but ’twas ever thus! It is the attitude of positive solidarity that allows us to rise above these moments as a collective and thank you to all those who were really understanding of this. All the stewards and crew were volunteers and we were all –  crew, MDs and singers alike –  doing our very best and all in it together!

I especially want to share the really positive feedback I received from so many folk about the new two night concert structure and how much people really appreciated us making the bold move to make more space for our growing community. I really hope that Manchester continues with this as a format and it becomes a tradition. MCC – put Hulla down for Friday night next year… we’re up for it!

We raised over £900 in the charity collections, which will be shared between the two charities: Music in Detention and Audio Active. You can still donate to them directly online if you didn’t get a chance to add to the buckets on the day. They do such amazing, lifeline work. Please do continue to support them in any way you can.

We are preparing the website to pass the address over to Manchester for the 2019 festival. It was always our intention to give the SCF a stable cyber home. We’ve left the pdf version of the programme and photos of the event online for you to remember the weekend. If you have any photos you would like to add to the website, or if you want any photos taken down, please email us

A boring but important  technical note here: for data protection/GDPR reasons we will be deleting everyone’s individual logins to this site in the next few days. We will only be handing over to Manchester the contact info of the MDs and the Choir Reps. We will be emailing all the Free Rangers to ask them if they would like to remain on the contact list also. We have been looking after your data since you registered, and want you to know that we will delete sensibly….

Looking forward to Manchester 2019 but first we are going to have a gin and lie down!

Kirsty Martin
MD Street Choirs Festival 2018


Massed Sing Info from Kirsty Martin

Hi Choral Comrades

Well, the hour is nearly upon us!

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you all to Brighton on Friday! I know it’s going to be a very special Festival…The Hulla Team and I are putting (what we hope are) the finishing touches on our 18 months of planning and can’t quite believe that the weekend is finally here!

We had a fantastic Massed Sing rehearsal yesterday for members of Hulla and other Sussex (and beyond) singers, and I wanted to check in with you all about the Massed Sing songs and the Saturday morning rehearsal. Hopefully you have all had a chance to listen, read and have a sing through of these specially chosen songs. Continue reading “Massed Sing Info from Kirsty Martin”

Street Choirs Festival 2018 – A visitor’s guide

If you have guests coming along to this year’s Street Choirs Festival and want to let them know what is happening when and where, then here is our handy guide.


This year there will be two Street Choir Festival concerts. One on Friday 29th June and one on Saturday 30th June. Tickets for both performances are available to purchase directly from The Dome box office in person or online.

Friday’s concert will start at 7pm and finish by 11pm. The following choirs will be performing:

Continue reading “Street Choirs Festival 2018 – A visitor’s guide”

Water water everywhere..

We know that singing is thirsty work but this year there will be no bottled water in your welcome bag.

Brighton and Hove is a UNESCO World Biosphere Region and supported by Brighton and Hove Council, many of our local pubs, cafes and restaurants have committed their support via a plastic free pledge, aiming to reduce the amount of single use plastic ending up in sea.

Continue reading “Water water everywhere..”

O, I do like to be beside the seaside…

We love to be beside the seaside and we want you all to feel as welcome as possible whilst you’re in our beautiful sun soaked City for Street Choirs Festival 2018.

To that end our brilliant Street Choirs Festival Team have been busy negotiating discounts on places to eat and drink and activities to keep you busy when you’re not singing. Just show your wristband to participate in these deals: Continue reading “O, I do like to be beside the seaside…”

Massed Sing is Live!

Well, the Massed Sing music is live folks! If you have registered for Street Choirs Festival you can log on to the delegate area of the website to download audio files, songsheets and scores. If you have not registered yet….then do!

We have seven amazing pieces of music this year for our Massed Sing and this week I managed to speak to Val Regan, a Street Choirs Festival aficionado and the creator of one of this years Massed Sing song ‘Nasty’, to find out more about the Festival from her perspective. Continue reading “Massed Sing is Live!”

Street Choir Charities 2018

A lovely part of Street Choirs Festival is the opportunity to support a local charity over the course of the weekend. This year, members of the Street Choirs Festival team spent time researching and talking to many charity organisations based around the south coast. Making our final choice was tough…so we decided to select two charities to benefit from this year’s festival, and here they are: Continue reading “Street Choir Charities 2018”