Hebden Bridge 2002

The Festival was first held in Sheffield in 1984, born of the music and the singing of the protest movements of that decade. There are choirs formed of the wives of striking miners singing on the picket lines that still come regularly to the event.


Brighton 2008


More recently, the event has broadened to include choirs of singers united by other causes, and also Community Choirs who share the values of the Street Choirs tradition but who come together just for the sheer joy of singing.



Out Aloud at Whitby 2015

The choirs are all non-auditioned, open access choirs who sing unaccompanied, and part of their singing during the year takes place out on the street, supporting causes that are important to them. It’s one way that each of us individually can make a difference.




Above all, the Festival is a celebration of the fellowship to be found in singing together, and of the different ways in which each of us is Inspired by Singing.

Bury 2012
Festival Hosts
2019 Manchester 2007 Manchester 1995 Stroud
2018 Brighton 2006 Gateshead 1994 Leeds
2017 Kendal 2005 Saltaire 1993 Cardiff
2016 Leicester 2004 Leeds 1992 Sheffield
2015 Whitby 2003 Belper 1991 Hackney
2014 Hebden Bridge 2002 Hebden Bridge 1990 Newcastle
2013 Aberystwyth 2001 Nottingham 1989 Leicester
2012 Bury 2000 Manchester 1988 Liverpool
2011 Whitby 1999 Bradford 1987 Bristol
2010 Sheffield 1998 Leicester 1986 Bradford
2009 Whitby 1997 Morecambe 1985 Newcastle/Manchester
2008 Brighton 1996 Nottingham 1984 Sheffield