Information for Choirs

If you are new to the Street Choirs Festival, the first step is for you to check that this is the right event for you!

What’s Involved?

Please take a look through the information on this website to learn about the event and what happens over the weekend and make sure that you and your members are up for it!

Are you a Street Choir?

Here’s what the choirs at the event will have in common:

  • Open access – they do not hold auditions and are open to everyone
  • At least 12 singers – being a small singing group doesn’t normally sit with an open access policy; of course, you may be a small choir with ambitions to be bigger, in which case get in touch and we may be able to squeeze you in
  • Sing unaccompanied – Street Choirs sing wherever they find themselves, including on the street; there’ll be no pianos or backing tracks on stage at the RNCM
  • Sing in 3- or 4- part harmony (normally SATB) – whatever their standard, they strive to sing songs of moderate difficulty
  • Sing for charitable or social benefit for at least some of their public performances.

What are the costs?

Choir registration for a choir of any size is £45.

In addition, each singer attending the Festival pays an individual singer registration £40 per person.

A number of free singer registrations and free homestay with local singers will be available for singers in particular financial need, on application.

There’s a range of accommodation available in and around Manchester to suit all budgets, including student accommodation near the RNCM from £50 per person per night.

There are additional optional costs of £5 for a ticket for the Friday night concert, and singers can also buy a festival T-shirt and order a picnic lunch for Sunday.

For your registration fees, you get:

  • The opportunity to attend the Friday night concert featuring some top-class Manchester musical talent (ticketed separately)
  • Access to the SINGERS area on the website for each registered singer; this has all the information you’ll need to make the most of the weekend including useful local information
  • A Festival Programme for each singer, on arrival, together with a pass for the event
  • Access to words, music and teach tracks in advance for the Massed Sing songs
  • Final rehearsal and participation in the Massed Sing on the Saturday
  • 2 or 3 busking slots around the city centre on Saturday afternoon
  • A 7-minute performing slot for your choir in the Saturday night concert; this is usually enough for 2 songs
  • Access to the rest of the Saturday concert to enjoy the other choirs’ performances
  • Registration for each singer on two workshops of their choice on Sunday morning (one at 9.30, one at 11.15), subject to availability – first come, first served.