Manchester Community Choir

Manchester Community Choir was formed in 1999 – we’ll be 20 years old at this festival!

We have grown to a membership of over a hundred, and our enthusiasm is measured by how many of us turn out regularly to sing in support of good causes and to raise money for charity. Like most such choirs we have sung in many weird and wonderful places, from proper theatres to the deep end of the Victoria Baths in South Manchester and, yes, in the rain on street corners where we outnumbered the passers-by ten to one!


For the last few years we have been delighted to be invited to sing at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod where we have had our eyes and ears opened to the standard that choirs can achieve, and this has spurred us on to sing the best we possibly can.

Our Musical Director, the astonishing Liz Powers, is our muse and our inspiration, as well as being the one who applies the spurs!

Our repertoire ranges from traditional songs from around the world to specially arranged pop songs. While this is a rich and varied mix, all our songs reflect our values of respect for the world and its peoples, and a belief in freedom, fairness and peace.

The Street Choirs Festival has been a favourite event of ours for years – we haven’t missed one since 2000, the year after we were formed – and we are thrilled and proud to be hosting this amazing event in 2019.

We wish you a wonderful weekend in our wonderful city!

Come and visit us on our website or our Facebook page.

At Kendal Street Choirs 2017