What’s New?

If you are a Street Choirs regular, you will see some things that are a little different this time around. We have made some changes that play to the strengths of our venue and that will make the event as enjoyable and as smoothly run as we can.

Choir Registration

We are having an initial Application stage for choirs before they get into full Registration and payment. This is to ensure that choirs that meet the criteria of a Street Choir have priority. If we are not fully subscribed, then we have the option to accept other choirs to join us at the Festival.

Free singer registrations and homestay

We are offering a number of FREE singer registrations for people in particular need. We intend that this, together with offering homestay at local singers’ homes, will make a real difference to people who might otherwise not be able to attend. This replaces the concessionary rate on individual registration.

Friday Night Concert Ticketing

We are ticketing the Friday night concert as a separate item this year, rather than bundling it in with registration, as we have to manage attendance within the capacity of the theatre. The overall cost of registration plus the Friday concert remains in line with the usual total cost.

Saturday Night Concert

The Saturday night concert will be split across the two world-class theatres in the RNCM, and you’ll be able to move between the two to catch the choirs you really want to see and support. This means that the concert can start at 7pm, so you won’t have to rush back from busking and will have time to eat before the concert starts.