Outline Programme

One of the delights of the Street Choirs Festival is that it has no overall organising board or committee. The baton is handed on annually from choir to choir through a mysterious process called consensus. If only more activities were run like that!

Each host choir then has free rein to play to the strengths of its own abilities, the location and the venue available to it.

The 2019 Festival will  follow the usual broad format:

Friday afternoon Singer registration and meeting up with old friends
Friday evening A welcome concert showcasing some of Manchester’s inspiring musical talent
Saturday morning A final rehearsal of the songs that singers have been learning for the Massed Sing
Saturday lunchtime Assemble in the centre of Manchester for a formal welcome to the city and a Massed Sing of a thousand voices, including our specially arranged featured song
Saturday afternoon Each choir has two or three ‘busking’ slots for the benefit of surprised shoppers who find a new choir around every corner!
Saturday evening A choir concert in which each of the choirs takes the stage to sing a couple of songs it has been rehearsing to show off to its fellow festival-goers. There will be a late bar and almost certainly more singing!
Sunday morning A series of musical workshops led by some inspiring Manchester musical practitioners; lots of singing, some dance, some vocal training, some instrumental. There’ll also be some guided walks for anyone who is sung out!
Sunday lunchtime A picnic and an opportunity to chat to old friends and new, and probably a last song before heading home.