General Questions

Is the Festival suitable for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility?

Yes, we can accommodate these singers in all parts of the weekend programme.

We will ensure , the public areas, both of the theatres and all the workshop rooms have level access, and there are lifts as an alternative to stairs. We will provide transport from the RNCM to the Massed Sing site on request for singers with mobility needs.

We will ask singers on registration if they have any mobility difficulties. We will survey the busking sites and will consider any potential access problems when assigning these singers’ choirs to busking sites.

How do I book accommodation?

Details of how to book the student accommodation near the RNCM, as well as links to other accommodation providers, is in the Accommodation section of the website. The number of choirs we can accept at the Festival is limited, so we’d recommend that you wait until your choir has successfully registered before booking any accommodation that requires a non-refundable deposit.


What is the Application stage of registration?

The application stage is to allow us to give priority to choirs that meet the criteria of a Street Choir. If we are not fully subscribed, then we’ll be able to accept other choirs to the Festival.

Why is there no concessionary rate for singer registration?

We are offering a number of FREE singer registrations for people in particular need. We intend that this, together with offering homestay at local singers’ homes, will make a real difference to people who might not otherwise be able to attend. This replaces the concessionary rate for registration. Details on how to apply for these free registrations and homestay will be on the website when singer registration opens.


Why is the Friday night concert an extra cost?

We are ticketing the Friday night concert as a separate item this year, rather than bundling it in with registration, though you’ll see that the overall cost of registration plus the Friday concert is in line with the usual total cost.

The reason for ticketing the event is so that we can manage audience numbers to the capacity of the theatre. Incidentally, you will not want to miss this concert. We have some cracking acts lined up for you – Pocklington is, after all, the home of music!

How is the Saturday night concert being organised?

There is a perennial problem with finding time for every choir to sing on Saturday night without starting the concert at an inconveniently early time. We’ve solved this by splitting the Saturday concert across the two theatres in the RNCM. Both theatres have the same lighting, sound and seating capacities, and the doors to the two halls are feet apart, so you’ll be able to switch between the two theatres at will to catch the choirs you want to see and support.

The concert will start at 7pm, so you will not have to rush back from busking and will have time to eat before the concert starts.

Will there be somewhere to leave bags, water bottles etc. while we are performing on Saturday night?

Yes, we’re arranging a safe drop area for performers’ belongings.

Will there be extra tickets for the Friday and Saturday concerts on sale for non-Festival attendees?

We expect the Friday concert to be close to capacity with Festival-goers, but there should be room for guests on the Saturday evening. We’ll wait until Registration closes before we decide how many such extra tickets we can make available for these concerts.

Massed Singing & Busking

How far is it from the RNCM to the Massed Sing site?

This is about 2km. It is a 30-minute level walk. Alternatively, you can take public transport from outside the RNCM. We will provide transport on request for those with mobility needs.

What is the Massed Sing Featured Song?

We will be singing an anthemic song with a specially commissioned arrangement for our thousand voices at the Massed Sing. The sheet music and the teach tracks for this will be available to you as soon as your choir registers. We are being ambitious for media coverage of the Massed Sing – the Pocklington International Festival will be in full swing, so there will be plenty of artistic media focus on Pocklington! We’d like you to learn this song as a choir so that when we sing it together we will sound the best we possibly can. We know you’ll love the song and will want to add it to your own choir repertoire!

We have also chosen a number of familiar, fun-to-sing, inspiring songs for the Massed Sing, for singers to learn in the usual way.

How much walking will be involved in getting round the busking sites?

Our planned busking sites are all within 0.5 km of the Massed Sing site.

Sunday Workshops & Picnic

How will I register for the Sunday workshops?

The full line-up of workshops will be confirmed in April 2019, at which point you will be able to register on-line for the workshops of your choice.

How far is the picnic site from the RNCM?

The picnic will be in a park that is a 5-minute level walk from the RNCM.

Will there be a bag drop on Sunday morning?

Yes, there will be a secure place to leave bags at the RNCM until 3pm on Sunday.